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  1. My Goldfish Aquarium

    You know about my love for dogs but you did not know about my love for fish. I use to breed cichlids for years, now I have only my goldfish. So here is my aquarium and my goldfish. I had to take picture of aquarium form the end. It is 6 foot long and I have to stand too far back to get a picture of it. So if I take from one of the ends you can see them much better. As you can see I have 4 large goldfish Beluga my blue Oranda, Talula my yellow Ryukin, Pebble Loo My calico Ryukin, and LeeLu my lemon head Ranchu. I also have two BN PL*COs That help me out by keeping this tank supper clean. Squggie and Shammy, I bet you can not find them :rolleyes: and a few snails Slinkie, Shelby, and sheldon that help out Squggie and shammy.

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    Very cool!

    I alway kill goldfish. :(

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    Very nice! I want to set up a nice tank but I'm too broke. lol One day I will.

  4. Thanks, I bought all my fish supplies second hand at yard sales and off of craigslist. New stuff is too high IMO when you can find great used stuff ;).

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    All of my tanks are used also. :D

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    I love seeing nice tanks with goldfish my boyfreind is really into fish has a 125 gal and a 55 gal with angels,gourmis and such and he always says " its such a waste of a tank when it has goldfish in it" so when my mom gave me a 25 gallon first fish i bought was an Oranda:D i spent 65 dollars on tank decorations and stuff of coarse i got 3 more fancy types of goldfish and 2 pictus catfish(yes i know 25 gallons is too small for these but its only temporary untill i get my indoor pond set up) and my boyfreind has said "i have to admit your goldfish are looking really nice" he says he wants mt to try breeding my bigger orange male oranda so he can have one. but i dont know nothing bout breeding fish nor do i really care to learn not that i dont like them i just think it would be a very costly hobby even more so then it is to just care for them.

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    know what would go great in there wit them fish? a flowerhorn and a red tail catfish!

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