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  1. Favorite bloodline mixes

    put urs in

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    I've moved your thread to our Bloodline Section. You should get more responses here.

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    Damn beat me by a minute Woody.

  5. up until about 12 years ago id have said eli/carver also

    but im a converted jeep/redboy fan since :D

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    I like a really heavy Eli dog... and a few other crosses of different Eli strains...

    Eli.. Maverick/Six Bits

    The Fat Bill stuff is my biggest interest right now.

  8. Cool

    Bullyson / Boyles / Boomerang aka clean off the roof.

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    turtlebuster/jeep an starting to like the jeep/redboy stuff also

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    production wise the Eli/Carver gave us more game changing dogs than any other. Alot of the bloodlines we love so much today came from that one cross.
    The very crosses that make up our "secret receipes" today are just us bringing together separate segments of that same old Eli/Carver cross to wake up those stagnant genes with some hybrid vigor.

    I believe one of the more reliable combos for the working fellow is the jeep/nigerino cross.

  11. Jepp / Redboy/Ras.

  12. boilo/carver/eli...completes the equation

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    i dunno enough about it to really comment yet. i do know that when we had our yard going it was heavily based on bad billy,going light barney, and eli. as for the crosses im unsure of it.

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    im a big fan of. muglston, blue boogie monster from seattle best pitts. and rhino from demon killa kennel. i got the grand daughter of rhino

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    i hear mugleston are peddlers

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