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  1. Black Ghost Knife Fish

    Here is one of the smaller ones, about 4-5 inches, the large one is around 10 inches, but is impossible to catch on video.

    [ame=""]YouTube - 055[/ame]

    here are a few pictures of the larger one that I posted before

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    Very cool! My boyfriend would love to get fish like that. But we need to redo our basement before we get anymore tanks.

  3. That is a cool looking fish :)

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    They're so cool! I want one so bad, but don't have a large enough tank and as it is I'm having to sell one tank to make room for some new redecorating. Oh well, maybe someday if and when I move to a bigger place.

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    Your fish is gorgeous! I want an aquarium again

  6. thank you guys
    they are neat to watch but because they are night fish, they hide most of the time

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    O how cool:)

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    Is that a blind fish?

    I think it's the fish my friend Eric had, and I would like to get one, but I wasn't sure of the name.

    Are they hard to keep up?

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    Very cool...:)

  10. Quote Originally Posted by CoolHandJean View Post
    Is that a blind fish?

    I think it's the fish my friend Eric had, and I would like to get one, but I wasn't sure of the name.

    Are they hard to keep up?
    I doubt they are completely blind.
    They are easy to keep it, I love them actually. Very clean as well. Not very picky about water condition, a bit territorial but if you have a decent size aquarium and a good hiding spot for each one, they shoudl be fine.

  11. Cool. Thanks.

    Yeah, I'd love to get one, at some point.

    I don't know much about fish. Are there good places to get fish? Is this a $#@!e to find?

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