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    how much to feed?

    I have asked sooo many people this question and i get different answers from them all. She's 6 months old and i have been feeding her one cup in the morning and one cup in the evening. She gets great execise and she doesn'r neccessarily scarf her food down like shes starving. More, less? oh, I just adopted her this week...

  2. First off, what are you feeding?

    Two cups a day is sufficient for some but for others it isn't enough. Watch her weight, you should be able to easily feel her ribs, but if they are protruding out of her side, she needs more food. I would feed the same amount and watch her weight closely :)

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    I feed purina One, not the best but, but the best my budget can afford with 3 dogs 3 cats and 2 young boys :P

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    Well on a tight budget Diamond Naturals and Kirkland Signature are both options that are comparable if not cheaper than Purina One. Purina products are pretty darn expensive for the junk ingredients they use, at least in my opinion.
    I believe (I've never bought DN myself so can't say for sure) both Diamond Naturals and KS are between $25-30 for a 40lb bag. Thats pretty economical. :)

    On the feeding amount... I'd just keep an eye on her weight and +/- as needed. Every dog is different in that regard.

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    yea swap that food out, I feed Diamond Natural Large breed puppy to my boy, he is 7 months old an close to 50 lbs by my guess, he gets 3 cups a day. It is 31.99 for a 40 lb bag at tractor supply out here, if you get diamond try to get natural the regular one is not so good but the natural one is good ingredients.

  6. I feed my dogs Nature's Recipe from Pet Smart 39.00 dollars for 40 pounds. Matilda my APBT (19 weeks old) gets 2 cups a day. Jack a Catahoula Cur (2 years old) also gets 2 cups a day and he gets all the live rabbits he can catch ;). Peek-A-Boo a toy poodle (5 years old) gets 1/2 cups a day a little more if she eats all of it up. Which she never does.

    If you buy cheap dog food made of grains you would need to feed 3 to 4 cups a day. It is Soooooo much cheaper to buy good dog food in the end. They eats less and it is better for them (meaning less vet bills).

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    We feed Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice to Daisy. She gets two or three cups a day. YOu will find though, feeding a higher quality food will help your budget in the long run, even though the higher quality food is more expensive. Reason why I say that is because you will have to feed LESS of the high quality food to satisfy your dogs appetite and it will last you longer.

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    I actually get the purina for free, a woman my husband works with gets the free bag coupons, so my 34.5 lbs bag ends up costing only $4.65

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    Free bags of food aside, what can you afford to budget for puppy food?

    "Free" is a good deal, but would you feed your kids McDonald's every single day if it were free? You need to consider the long term health of your dog. Purina (and other grocery store brands as well) is pretty much junk food for dogs and this breed is often not as simple to feed as other breeds of dog due to the high incidence of skin conditions, sensitive tummies, and food allergies. Also, if you cannot afford to feed the puppy without the food being free, consider how you will be paying for routine vet care such as shots, spay/neuter, hw prevention, flea prevention, etc.

    Purina uses a lot of corn, by-products, grain fragments, and in most of their foods unspecified "Animal Digest". It is pretty common for dogs to be sensitive to corn, wheat, soy, and fillers. Most dogs do a whole lot better on foods that use rice as the main carb and have adequate amounts of a specific protein(s) like chicken meal or lamb meal, etc. Unspecified "meats" and meals are not that great because it could be anything. Whole chicken, turkey, lamb, whatever is good, but keep in mind that it is usually farther down the ingredient list in reality because it has to be processed and loses that water weight.

    I've seen firsthand the huge difference made in a dog that was raised on Purina products and switched to Evo at the age of 4. It was a drastic difference for the better. I'm by no means saying you need to feed something as expensive as Evo, but what you feed does make a difference in the health of your pet. Sorry to get so verbose and hope this helps.:)

  10. Go by the dog. Is she overweight, underweight, or at a good weight? Feed according to that.

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    when I switched my dogs which I have 4 of to Canidae All Life Stages, I started out using their recommendations on the back of the bag and kept a close eye on my dogs weight to make sure they were losing or gaining weight. They're at a good weight. My oldest gets 2 cups per day (she's about 12 and weighs 55 lbs), 2 of my other dogs are getting 3 cups per day who weigh inbetween 55 and 65 lbs. Then my biggest dog gets 4 cups per day and weighs 95 lbs. (He's the one that can eat all day long if I allowed him too but until he shows me any weight issues He's only getting 4 cups)

    Every dog is their own individual and as the owner you should or will over time learn his needs. The key is good observation and personal judgment.

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    Well she dropped a little weight this week so I up-ed her feeding by about one cup, so she get a total of 3 cups a day now, She weighs 38 lbs and stands at about 19 in

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