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Thread: Large paw Pads

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    Large paw Pads

    Josey is our first dog and some of the family have expressed surprise as to how large her paw pads are. Since hearing this I have been checking out other large dogs and see what they are talking about. She is 7 mo old and weighs 38 lbs. We walk her twice a day for a total of 3-4 mi. She loves her walks and doesn't act like her feet hurt. I play with her feet also with no discomfort. Here are a few pictures - her paws don't look large to me just her pads.

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    Usually puppies have large paws but your pup will grow into them, some may take longer than others. :)

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    My dogs pads use to be big as puppy. Then he grew into them . So my guess is that your dog will grow into the pads as he ages.. but im not sure. but it looks that way. check this out.

    It almost looks like he is wearing socks in some of the puppy pics. here look

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    Bella's pads are huge...

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    Guinness' were huge.. he's starting to grow into them.. Your pup is just in the awkward growing phase :)

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    I guess I should have posted a full picture of her not just her feet. Here she is.

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    She's absolutely perfect.. just growing into her own skin

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