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Thread: Eye infection?

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    Eye infection?

    a few days ago i noticed my 4 month old had some eye boogers after he woke up, didnt think anything of it until i noticed he had a little bit all day. now this morning his right eye was covered about 1/3 with eye mucus. i cleaned it off and both his eyes look fine, not red or swollen or anything.
    the only changes lately are his food.
    i had him on eukanuba puppy food and gradually switched him to Blue Buffalo puppy food for large breeds.
    i heard bad things about the eukanuba and this Blue Buffalo has no additives, corn, wheat, or fillers in it.

    is there some doggy eye drops i could pick up that would take care of this?

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    My girl always gets eye boogs. I understand it's normal but I recently switched her to BB also. Her bogs did increase, especially her morning boogs, and they were sort of gooey. Gross! But over the last few days they're back to normal, so I can't say if it was the change in food or allergies? She seems to really like BB and I haven't noticed anything else so we're sticking with it. I just noticed you live in Florida too so maybe it is allergy related?

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    Have you checked with the vet? It might be conjunctivitis, more commonly known as Pink Eye. My dog just got over his. I just had to give him some eye drop three times a day. It could stem from allergies, or like my dog who likes to root in everything, something they picked up while outside.

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    Vet check would be my suggestion. They can give you some eye drops to clear it up. ;) Oh, and I would go with the BB regular, instead of the large breed. This breed isn't considered large breed, but medium breed. WHen you think large breed, think Mastiff. :)

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