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    does mange always smell?

    I have heard that mange smells, I have never had a dog with it, but was wondering if both types smell and how sever it has to be for it to start smelling?

    Goren's neck looked like it was getting better, the red is now pink, but he lost hair on his neck, saw it when he was eating, just about an inch square small enough for it to hid with the rest of his hair, but it has a little bump, I have stopped all treats. Only things he has are his bed, toys, chew bones, and food. I rewashed his bed, and stuffed toy with not fabric softener, rewashed him with oatmeal shampoo, rewashed his collar with not fabric softener, rewashed his room with strait ivory soap(he has concrete floor in his room) I am still hopeing its an allergy, his inside legs look better, I almost think his hair loss is due to his ear. He gets bad build up with wax in one of his ears, but he also bites his legs, doesn't have hairloss there but bites them, I check him for fleas, he has none, his spot treatment is still good for 2 more weeks, I am going to change everything else but the spot treatment 1st becouse the one I use works and is cheap...I mean really cheap so I am preying its not that. If you have any more suggestions please tell me.

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    great news , I gave Goren some A2/N medically formulated nutritional supplement, its for dogs skin, was from when Doobie had the skin thingy caused by fleas. Well I gave him one yesterday and today his skin looks like perfect and even the hair started growing back, I gave him an oatmeal bath yesterday also and everything so I think all the combination of that stuff has started him on the road to recovery, I have a lot of these supplements left becouse Doobie hated the large pills so we stopped giving him htem when his skin cleared up and he was able to actually get dogfood...johnny's house in CA people there gave him table scraps becouse they thought it was ok, and would never listen to him so he never ate his crap dogfood, he still gets crap dogfood becouse he has really bad teeth, hates sinor food, he is a dog that would go 1-2 if not 3 weeks without food if he doesn't like it, he is old and johnny does not like to give him tough love so he gets beneful becouse its soft and better than like kibbles n I am going off subject hehe I'm just really happy about Goren and stuff sorry to be long winded and go all over the place when I type :o

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    Mika's mange didnt have an odor to it (she doesnt really smell "dog-like" in general)

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    If the skin is raw and bleeding, and the dog can get a secondary bacterial infection from all the scratching and irritation. And because of that the skin can have an odor. BUT that is not limited to just mange. It can happend with any infection involving the skin.
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    Mollie always smelled weird, and I thought it was the Demodex smell. It wasn't till I joined her that I learned what the name of the smell was, and that it's pretty common with this breed...... she always smells like Frito's. I don't know if it's related to the Demodex though, because Bella smells like Frito's too, and she hasn't had any outbreaks of anything. I would have never connected Frito's though, till someone put a name with the smell for me. :p

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    wow, that is funny, yea Goren has no open sores or anything, his neck is looking better I think it was just an allergy, he was scaring the crap outa me about it tho, I think he was just lacking in some vitamins or something, good to know that it doesn't in all instances

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