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    Are a puppy's ribs supposed to stick out like this towards the back?

    Tyson hasn't eaten right in the past 2 days. Its worse in one side but more prominent than the other side, but they both stick out in the back. Here are the pics. I never noticed it on Destiny but I never really was paying that much attention. I was just laying on the floor playing with him and felt it.

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    It's normal. ;)

    It's because the 2 very last ribs (1 on each side) are floating ribs. Those 2 ribs do not attach to the ribs in front of them or the sternum like all the rest of them do. Thus you'll see them "stick out" occasionally.
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    Ewwwww.....Its totally gross lol. Looks like he has a knife sticking through him. I am thinking because he became a stubborn eater he may have lost 1-3 lbs and thats why I can see it more. But good news! Destiny came into the living room alone (Ty was in his crate for the first time without being out with her).....I was brushing my teeth and I hear crunch crunch crunch, I came in and she somehow knocked his food bowl off the desk and ate the 2 cups of food that was in it :D


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    roadie was like that when he was a pup. more on one side than the other. its gone away now that hes a little older.

  5. Seen it when they over eat before>>

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    Roxy had the same thing, too. Freaked me out -- but the vet said she was just fine :-)

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    Bug was the same as well, and she's fine now :)

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    This makes me feel alot better, thanks so much :)

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    I have never seen that before! Thanks for posting April! I didn't notice that with Logan when he was a pup.

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