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    i found you guys by searching allergies on pitbulls. Because my 5 month old Pit has these red bumps under his belly and keeps on scratching and biting himself in the back alot. he already is losing hair because keeps on biting his hair off I really need help I already took to the vet and is alot $$$...I did pay but nothing of what the vet gave him worked and now the vet wants more money but im not so sure no more. I took him to petsmart and to get started i need $260. but i have doubts now because i already paid a lot of money to the vet and im not sure if is going to work this time.

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    it could be a food allergy, pits have a lot of those, 1st off what are you feeding the pup, more people on here will probably chime in and tell you if its good or not, I am currently feeding Diamond puppy (I can't find large breed in my area) but there are a lot of bad puppy foods for pits and a few good ones

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    PLEASE don't take your dog to the vets at petsmart. It's a rip off, and I've never heard anyone say anything good about banfield. They're a corporation, and care much more about the profit margin than your pets.
    Food allergies are a good possibility. What are you feeding? Use carpet powders? Fabric softener on the bedding? Pesticides in the yard?

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    yea I forgot to add that about banfield, I made the mistake of putting my dogs on the plan...well we got rid of 3 of them when my fiancee lost his job, still have to pay for the plan...2 got out, 1 is MIA been gone since January, the other got hit by a car and can't make the 45 min drive over there, so we have 5 dogs on the plan and own 1 of them...I took our dog to a vet here local, payed 200$ for him to have exrays, 2 injections a day, and stay there for 10 days after he got hit...that would have been probably over 2,000$ at banfield, if there is anything closer, I would suggest going to them, plus you don't have to deal with as many people in the waiting room with uncontrolled lap dogs at smaller vets.

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    The red bumps could also be flea bites. Maggie is allergic to fleas and when she gets bit each bite swells up and becomes a red bump. She would also constantly chew on her back end and some of her hair fell out and became thin in that area. Once we got rid of the fleas the bumps went away, the chewing stopped and her hair grew back.

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    the only reason I don't think it could be is becouse jr29 has taken the pup to the vet and any good vet would check for fleas 1st, not saying they did however.

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    Could be gr$#@! allergies and/or a food allergy. Mollie breaks out in huge blotches if she lays in fresh cut gr$#@!. You can give Benadryl for itchies, 1 25 mg pill for a 25 pound pup, twice daily. I agree with taking your pup to a reputable vet. What did your vet give you for it when you went the first time that didn't work? A good vet will want follow up visits to monitor the pups condition. A routine vet visit where I live runs about $40 per visit. That's pretty reasonable to me. You might want to check into getting another vet that you feel more comfortable with. After all, this is going to be the person you entrust your dogs health to, you want to make sure you trust them and are comfortable with their diagnosis.

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    jR29 - does you pup have the same problem as mine? I started a post under both petdocsoncall and on here, and posted some pictures of my dog's condition. I guess this is a SUPER common problem, and you're just as cautious about going to the vet as we are- we don't want to shell out a bunch of money for things that don't help our babies. :( We're currently giving our dog Natural Balance fish & sweet potato 1/2 cup to 1 cup dry, mixed with 1/2 can of the same wet food. Supplementing with fatty acids and enzyme powder, and I mix in on a rotating basis raw egg, cottage cheese, or yogurt. And she only gets treats with the same fish & sweet potato formula. Her coat is smoother and shinier, and her rash seems to be getting lighter on her belly, but it's still spreading. We also brush her regularly now to stimulate blood circulation and help her remove her winter coat. I don't know if other people would agree with me, but I think it might be helpful to change her diet first and see if it helps at all. There's always the chance that you take your pup to the vet and they still don't know what's wrong. I've always acted along the lines of doing lots of research and trying every possible thing at home before seeking professional help (though we did take her right away when it first showed up.)

    Here's a link to my posts -

    [ame=""]Red "non-itching" rash on pit/boxer mix - Pet Docs on Call[/ame]

    Also, you might find this website helpful:
    there's a lot of before & after pictures of skin problems that might help...

    Good luck- hope your pup gets well soon!

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