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  1. Irritation around Elvis' eye ( some slight fur loss)

    I have noticed some irriatation about my pitbulls eye. At first i noticed a small amount of fur loss around his right eye. He was recently boarded for the weekend. When I came home today I noticed both of eyelids were red and irritated and missing fur. It looks like some kind of reaction to something. Can anyone help? I was wondering what is happening and has anyone had similar cases and the treatment that follows... thank you very much for looking

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    How old is your dog, is it possible that he has mange? I am not too sure the exact types but I know one of them maybe more is extremely contagious. Is it painful to him or itchy?

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    i think my dog might have what your dog is experiencing. she has a tiny bump on her eyelid and the hair around it is gone. our vet said she has a stye and we have been applying antibiotic ointment for the eyes on it. you have to get that from the vet though.

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    This happens to my dog and it is brought on by allergies.

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    could be allergies is he scratching at his eyes?

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