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  1. Wonder "Atovi" Powder

    Gentlemen / Fellow Pitbulleros and Pet Lovers.

    I would like to share to you about the Wonder "Atovi" Powder which have help us a lot in the survival of our American Pitbull Terrier eight months ago and now it is among the Contestant in the 1st Internet Dog Show Contest Sponsored by pitbull You may browse your internet for more info of said Wonder "ATOVI" Powder > - Atovi Performance and Immune Enhancer - Home
    Hope this helps one way or another. Good Luck!
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    What do you use it for?

    Looking at the website, it seems to me that it's only beneficial if raising livestock. But it does say you can use it on all animals, so I'm just wondering what it did for your dog.

  3. Atovi Powder

    Please browse the mentioned website and you will find out everything. I am just sharing the Blessings which help us survive our American Pitbull Terrier who was limping for almost 3 weeks and declared by our family vet that it was hopeless case then. However going over the Internet I came accross said Wonder "ATOVI" Powder. We mixed said Atovi Powder in his dog food regularly and that's it.

    Please don't get me wrong I am not Advertising but rather as I said Sharing the Blessing to all Animal/Pet lovers like me. I am an ENVIRONMENTALIST, a member of Greenpeace!

    Natural Food Supplements helps our Environment. Godspeed!!

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