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    Sweet Potatoes for diarrhea?

    My puppy is 5 months old and she's had diarrhea for about 2 weeks now. She eats everything off the floor. A pet store worker recommended canned sweet potato saying it would help her diarrhea. Does anyone know if that actually works?

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    I've heard of canned pumpkin but not the sweet potato. As well, I've used slippery elm bark powder with great results. I usually fast for a day, give a day of plain white rice and then start to slowly mix in the kibble over a few days until they are weaned off the rice. Has your pup been dewormed? Are you giving her alot of treats? What food is she on. Has she seen a vet about this?

  3. A puppy that young being sick for that long is actually more serious. I say a vet trip is in order. My 3 months old had diarrhea for 2 days and we rushed her into the vet.

  4. Hi

    No... I dont think so....... If its works means let me know.....

  5. I would suggest taking your dog to the vet. Also, what do you feed?

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    Originally I fed her Canidae but after we moved to a new house she began eating my roommates' dog food which is kibbles N' bits and now that's all she will eat. When I adopted her I was told she was given a vaccination for deworming. Im potty training her so I usually only giver her treats when she poos/pees outside. I think at this point I'm better off dismissing the sweet potato and just taking her to the vet. Thanks for the advice!

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    Two weeks is way too long for a pup to have diarrhea, even an adult for that matter. You need to go to the vet ASAP.

  8. Also, keep her away from the Kibbles n bits. That's garbage dog food.

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    I didn't see the part about Kibbles n' Bits! Of course she likes it! It is like eating junk food.

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    I agree, take her to the vet, it's been way to long.

    For minor stuff, I've heard pumpkin works. I like feeding plain yogurt.

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    Wow. I didn't know kibbles n' bits was junk! I took her to the vet today & she should be back to normal in no time. They gave me medication for her so hopefully she'll be healthy soon! Thanks everyone! I will get her off the kibbles n' bits as soon as possible.

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    Oh can I have some recommendations for food? Keep in mind she's still a puppy.

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    my pup had the runs for a few days and we fasted for a day then white rice and chicken for a day or two then mixed in the kibble again and poops were solid as barrack

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    Kibbles n bits is one of THE worst foods out there! YUCK!

    What did the vet say was the problem?

    I would think that a crap food like that could be cause alone!

    I have personally used pumpkin, and it works. (and makes their poor FLAMING ORANGE lol)

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Kuma bear View Post
    Oh can I have some recommendations for food? Keep in mind she's still a puppy.
    Depending on your price range, check out and you can see which brands you should feed :D

    I'm a fan of Tast of the Wild, Riley's on the Pacific Stream Salmon and doing very well, I can't remember if they make puppy food or not!

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    white rice and boiled chicken works well for a bland and easily digestible diet. but i agree get her back on the canidae

  16. Innova is also another good food to feed. Not the EVO, just the regular Innova. :)

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    I feed Wellness CORE, which is grain free. :)

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