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    Green Discharge from Penis

    I noticed this morning that my dog is licking his penis a lot. I flipped him over and I saw a green discharge. From what I've read it's a sign of infection. The vet is not open until tomorrow so I cannot do anything until then.

    In the meantime, is there anything I can do to help him? Clean it etc? By the way, I've read that it happens mostly in non-fixed dogs, however he has been neutered.

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    the poor boy. hope he recovers quickly!!!!

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    What you're noticing is smegma. It's the natural lubricant that keeps the penis moistened and protected within the sheath. All male animals, and humans, have it.

    It can range in color from an opaque whitish color to a green or yellowish color. However, if it is green or yellow and has a distinct, pungent odor, then have your vet take a look to rule out infection.

    But don't freak because it's completely normal and quite a necessary part of their anatomy. ;)

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    Thanks for the info. Is it something that comes with sexual maturity? My dog is about to be 11 months. I guess I've just never noticed it before ?

    He's been licking quite a bit. When I first noticed it, I wiped it off and then quickly cleansed the area with peroxide. It immediately bubbled up (almost more than it should, like science experiment bubble). I always thought that when peroxide bubbled it meant infection. I don't know though!

    He seems to be alright, maybe I'll just call the vet in the morning and talk with him. Since I cleaned it, I haven't seen any more green!

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    I had the same problem with my boy a few days ago, its still there and is perfectly normal. I think it is just that you haven't noticed it before :)

    Keep us updated

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    Thanks for the advice. ..Saved me another vet bill which I can't afford anyway because I just got laid off! ugh. Good to have a place where I can ask these questions though :)

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    Yeah, what Miakoda said.... yucky, but normal. :o

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