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  1. how to introduce Pit to my cat?

    I am getting a 3 month old pit in 2 weeks and i have a 8year old cat and just needing some pointers on a great introduction so they can get along and live in the same house. thanks

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    Heres a great place to start. ;)

    Intro Cat to other cats/dog - Pit Bull Chat Forum

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Alma View Post
    Heres a great place to start. ;)

    Intro Cat to other cats/dog - Pit Bull Chat Forum
    Yep, that says it all.

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    I have 2 cats, Cross and Pokie.... Cross' name fits his personality, and he will slap at Mollie, hiss and snort every time she walks by him, even if Mollie isn't doing anything to Cross... Matter of fact, he slaps at us sometimes out of the blue when we walk by him. Mollie was here before Cross, so she really doesn't mind him, and everyone loves Pokie, even people that don't like cats, like Pokie. However, Bella is determined to "get" Cross, I don't mean kill him, just "catch" him, and of course, instead of running and hiding, Cross will stand his ground, snort and hiss and sound demonic, which just intrigues Bella even more.... so I'm really working hard with Bella on "leave it" when it comes to Cross, but Cross makes it very hard for Bella to want to "leave it", I think Cross just aggs Bella on, on purpose.

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    When we got Odie at 4 mos we had our 12 yr old cat Pooh. Now Pooh is the grand dam of the house. She doesn't take crap from any other animals. Odie plays with Pooh and she gets mad and will attack him if he gets cheeky. Our other cat Tajza is just a big mush. He just loves everyone. Odie doesn't mess with him as he acts old. He's 11. Then we have our kitten who is a month older than Odie. Garfield is the playful kitten. He and Odie have a good relationship. Garfield owns Odie and purrs and rubs all over him, but Odie can tend to get rough with him. So he's the only one we watch out with. The old ones take care of themselves without much help from us. Older cats tend to be able to take care of themselves.

  6. The thread above gives some great advice!

    Wanted to add - please take your time. Never let the dog unsupervised with the cat until you feel absolutely comfortable (it took us about 3 months - the dog was on the leash or seperated from our cats). Be patient - once you notice, that the cat wants to approach the dog, it's a good sign. Let the cat sniff and do whatever he/she wants to do, but don't let the dog react to the cat. And make sure, the cat has somewhere to go - either jump on a higher point or go somewhere that the dog can't go. My cats prefer the basement - have a baby safety gate with plastic inside that I could cut out for the cats to slip through. On a side note - also keep the cat litter safe (dogs LOVE it - and can get diarrhea from eating cat poop).

    Mine get along great meanwhile - they even sleep together. And believe me, it didn't look like it in the beginning.

    Good luck! Let us know, how it goes!

  7. As the pup will be the new-comer it will be a lot easier, I got landed with my pit when she was already pretty big. The poor cat was not impressed (Loki immeditately realised it was great fun to chase felines round the house, cue excited dog and hysterical children running everywhere- nightmare!) With an older dog you keep him/her on her lead initially and attach it to something stable then allow the cat into the room. The dog (in my experience) will go a bit crazy and bark his/her head off- the cat will jump onto something high, ignore the dog to be clear that he/she knows there is no attention to be gained from tormenting cats. Eventually the dog calms down- repeat, it took me about a week before I could be certain my dog wasn't going to savage my cat (and that was after the first week in which my cat protested by refusing to come home). I'd love to end this by saying "And now they're the best of buddies", they're bloody not but at least they tolerate each other!

  8. I have two cats as well as two dogs who would happily eat a cat for lunch if given the chance. So I have manage very carefully and stay on top of things. The sticky posted is a good one and I want to stress the importance of positive reinforcement training. Of course, the dog must know its boundaries and what it is and isn't allowed to do with the cat but it's very important to create a positive $#@!ociation with the cats.

    Also, lets face it, cats can be little brats sometimes. I also use positive reinforcement and conditioning techniques to get my cats more comfortable with the dogs. And I do not allow the cats to swipe or scratch the dog. One of my cats will take a cheap shot, esp at Angel as they've had an antagonistic relationship since the beginning, but he knows he is not allowed to do that. A cat shouldn't have to put up with an obnoxious dog and a dog shouldn't have to put up with a cat who is constantly trying to scratch and swipe at him. The rules go both ways in my house.

    It definitely is possible for dogs, even high prey drive or animal aggressive ones, to live safely with cats. And of course, only allow them together if you are right there to supervise.

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