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    Talking Make your own conrete feed/water bowls

    What you'll need:
    20-22 inch planter tub
    7 quart plastic bowl
    8 quart stainless steel bowl
    80 pound bag of concrete

    Optional, but advised:
    Wood shims
    Needle nosed pliers
    Small 'beater' screwdriver
    Dishwashing gloves (long cuff, yellow)
    some sort of item to make the hand holds with

    Please be sure and read through and understand the whole thing before starting!

    ================================================== ===

    Receipt for the 20 inch planter tub and concrete I got at Home Depot:

    ================================================== ===

    The plastic bowls that I got from Dollar General:

    ================================================== ===

    Cut the rim off the bowl as shown here (I use straight tin snips), leaving the edge flared out so it will fit flush with the bottom of the tub:

    ================================================== ===

    The stainless steel bowl, purchased at Walmart:

    ================================================== ===

    Cut a hole in the middle of the bottom of the tub big enough to be able to put your hand in later:

    ================================================== ===

    If you have previously used the mold you'll want to take a small 'beater' screw driver and scrape and knock out any residue from the previous use before starting. Be sure you have the tub set on a level work area where you won't mind a little concrete spillage. Having some shims (8 or 10) is very handy for this and also later:

    ================================================== ===

    Place the plastic bowl in the center of the tub upside down: also a little cookin oil rubed lightly on the sides of the planter will help concrete not stick so much.

    ================================================== ===

    I use dish gloves from this point on.

    Mix up one 80 pound bag of concrete according to the directions on the bag.
    Carefully place about 3 heaping double handfuls around the plastic bowl being sure to keep it centered, and smooth it around evenly. Shake the tub gently a few times to be sure it settles completely and do a bit more smoothing, still using care to keep the bowl centered. Use the picture as a guide for depth (2 1/2 - 3 inches approx), this depth will be the "lip" at the top of the finished bowl. You'll get the hang of it after a few tries.

    ================================================== ===

    Place the stainless steel bowl over the plastic bowl. Twist the metal bowl a few times and shake tub gently to settle it in. The lip of the stainless bowl should rest just at or slightly into the concrete. Be sure the entire thing has remained centered.

    ================================================== ===

    Gently fill the rest of the concrete into the tub (using a shovel, but I use my gloved hands for the last bit, and use every bit I can scrape out). Once it is filled, shake gently some more and smooth the bottom with your (gloved) hands. Continue shaking/agitating gently a few times for a few minutes off and on. You'll want the air bubbles to surface, without all the rock settling.

    ================================================== ===

    The next section is optional but really helps for tipping and cleaning when in actual use.

    I got this little plastic dustpan from Dollar General and snipped the corners off to form to the sides of the tub. I pivot/slide the dustpan into one side and let it set up for maybe 30-45 minutes then carefully slide it out and repeat on the opposite side. If using shims I would use two, mated (L7) on opposite sides and let them set up completely (without removing them until ready to turn the tub upright), being sure they are angled slightly away from the wall of the tub so they'll be easy to remove.

    ================================================== ===

    Now you MUST let the concrete set up for a day and a half, two days preferably. Then roll it to a sunny, gr$#@! or dirt area (you won't want it to drop out on a hard surface) that's out of the way and gently turn it over. Most times it falls right out, do this SLOWLY and gently! If it doesn't fall right out, gently push through the hole.
    Once it's setting upright I use needle nose pliers, get a good grip on the lip of the plastic bowl and gently pull/pop it up and out. I usually run water over it and gently brush off any loose concrete debris/residue. Let it set out in a nice sunny area about another day or two before rinsing well and using.

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    That's pretty cool! Thanks for posting!!

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    What a Great idea can't wait to try it out myself..thanks for the photos and detailed instructions.

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