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    In search of reputable southern California APBT breeder. Please see my info at the Intro section as I am new to the forum. Looking for a puppy that is first and foremost family appropriate in temperament. Good form/looks, gameness and drive are also important but secondary. Googled for APBT breeders in the area but primary descriptors like "Huge head" and "muscle bound" raised red flags in my mind. Just doesn't seem like the kind of adjectives a reputable breeder would emphasize. Can someone in southern California then please provide me with leads to check out as I get serious with my search. I am not averse to out of state breeders if they are truly trustworthy in their $#@!essment of the puppy's potential fit with my family. Good APBT physical appearance would be a bonus. Thanks.

  2. Look up CaliGirl Kennels, she has some nice APBT's that have done very well. The others I know are not in Cali.

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