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    Can Dogs Get Styes in Their Eyes?

    Madeleine's left eye is red, and there is a reddish bump on the lower, center part of her eye. No discharge, no apparent pain. This all has popped up in the last 12 hours or so.

    In a human, I would guess that this could be a stye.

    Is it possible for dogs to get styes as well? If that's the case, could this possibly p$#@! (in humans, they usually do), or are we off to the vet again?

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    Hi the raised bump on the margin of the eyelid? Or is it on the eyeball itself?

    If it is on the eyelid, it is likely a chalazion, or plugged oil duct. This would be somewhat similar to a sty in people.

    I would definitely advise a trip to the DVM as these types of growths can irritate the cornea of the eye and even create an ulcer.

    Good luck...keep us posted!

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    Hi, Tom and thank you for responding.

    The bump is on the eyelid, not the eyeball (sorry that I did not make that clear).

    This morning, both the redness of her eye and bump have subsided; I will watch it closely though.

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