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    has anyone crossed camelot and razor edge before

    i was just wondering why breeders cross everything else with edge except camelot, castillo, dagger, chevy dogs. Does anyone have any ideas

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    Nope, but hopefully some of our American Bully experts can help you on that one.

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    I have a RExCamelot set of pup's-well, they arent pups anymore, but our RE Dixie was bred to a Camelot and this is what was produced.
    Mom my RE dog



    Sorry for the overkill but I get carried away showing off my babies:)

  4. wow they produced some good looking dogs!!!

  5. for sure ! good job

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    love the tongue action

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    Quote Originally Posted by charliewat View Post
    love the tongue action
    Me too !!

    My grandmother raised Manchester Terriers and one old male had little to no teeth and his tongue hung out like that.....reminded me of old Chip...:p

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