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    Pit Bull Set On Fire, Severely Burned

    BALTIMORE -- A Pennsylvania rescue organization has stepped in to take over treatment of a 2- to 3-year-old pit bull that was severely burned.
    Authorities said the dog was doused with gasoline Wednesday in the 1600 block of Presbury Street in southwest Baltimore and then set on fire.

    A Baltimore city police officer used her sweatshirt to put the fire out.The dog was taken to the Baltimore City Animal Shelter and then taken to the Swan Harbor Animal Hospital.

    "This was one of the most cruel things I've ever seen. It hurt me to my heart," said Baltimore city police Officer Syreeta Teel."We're going to do quite a bit of prayer, a lot of antibiotics, a lot of bandage changes … just sometimes, the body just kind of goes into shutdown, really," said veterinarian Dr. Marcella Bonner. Bonner said the dog had burns on 100 percent of her body and is expected to live only a few more days.

    Pennsylvania's Main Line Animal Rescue said it will give the dog a window of several days to see if she responds to treatment before it considers putting her down."I think she's going to get worse before she gets better, if she does get better," Bonner said. "But she's trying. I can't believe she's even survived what she's survived."Police currently don't have any information on an owner or a suspect. Anyone with information in the case is asked to call police.

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    Link to the rescue: Main Line Animal Rescue

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    Mistrial Declared In Dog Burning Case

    BALTIMORE (WJZ)* A Baltimore jury is unable to decide whether two brothers are responsible for setting Phoenix the dog on fire. Kai Jackson reports a mistrial has been declared.

    There are polar opposite reactions regarding this case. The accused are glad they weren*t convicted and animal welfare advocates are disappointed there*s no conclusion.
    A mistrial was declared in the infamous case of a dog named Phoenix who was doused with gas and set on fire in 2009 in Baltimore. She later died. Twin brothers, Travers and Tremayne Johnson, were accused of the crime.

    After two and a half days of deliberations, jurors couldn*t reach a unanimous verdict and the judge declared a mistrial.

    Juror #5 didn*t want to go on camera but says that at the time of the declaration, it was 11 to one in favor of convicting Travers and Tremayne Johnson. The dissenting vote believed there was reasonable doubt and wouldn*t budge.

    “I*m satisfied,” said family friend Tomasina Degree.

    “We*re disappointed,” said Caroline Griffin, Baltimore Anti-Animal Abuse Task Force.

    The trial lasted a total of five days.

    Travers Johnson remains in police custody in a separate attempted murder case.

    It*s unknown whether the case will be retried.
    Mistrial Declared In Dog Burning Case CBS Baltimore

    From earlier in the trial:
    Deliberations Resume Monday In Dog Burning Case
    BALTIMORE (WJZ) * A dog was killed after being set on fire in a Baltimore neighborhood. It*s a crime that*s turning into a test case for how the city handles animal abuse cases.

    Kai Jackson explains animal advocates are watching the trial closely.

    The jury will return next week and perhaps render a verdict. In the meantime, observers are weighing in on the high-profile case.

    Travers Johnson left the Mitchell Courthouse in handcuffs, jailed for an unrelated issue. He and his brother Tremayne are on trial, accused of dousing a dog named Phoenix with gas in 2009 and setting her on fire. Phoenix later died.

    The boys* father spoke after the jury was unable to come up with a verdict.

    “I don*t think it*s right because they are falsely accused of something they didn*t do,” said Charles Johnson, suspect*s father.

    The case has gained national attention and is being observed by animal rights groups in Baltimore and around the country.

    “I think it*s an excellent trial,” said Ann Gearhart, Snyder Foundation For Animals. “I think the state has presented a very good case, that they*ve been deliberate in their intention for 20 months.”

    The defense for the twins disagrees, poking holes in the case.

    Attorneys argue that the prosecution*s video evidence placing the teens at the scene is too grainy to be definitive. A blanket that the officer who rescued Phoenix used was lost.

    And witnesses backed away from testimony.

    When asked if he had faith that his sons were innocent, Charles Johnson said: “I put my life on the line that they did not do this.”

    Animal rights advocates are watching the cast involving Phoenix the dog very closely, convinced that the outcome could have far-reaching implications.

    “Animal abuse cases are going to be treated with the same amount of regard that property offenses or human offenses are treated with,” Gearhart said.

    Jury deliberations resume Monday morning at the Mitchell Courthouse.
    Deliberations Resume Monday In Dog Burning Case CBS Baltimore

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