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    what bloodline work's and crosses and what work's for you?

    What is your top bloodline and what work's and don't work for you and crosses... i like the chinaman jeep red boy rascal that's what im working with now with some cloues boyle's turtle buster stuff in his pedigree white tab is in his pedigree 10 time's top and bottom up close, and the boyle's dog's i like all if i can find the real stuff like the eli frisco chinaman stuff and cross that to some bolio or red boy i will work with that to all so but it's just me so what do you like and why?

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    Sounds like you are scatterbreeding... I'd try and find me a nice base to work off of and not try to just cram as many famous lines into one dog as possible.

    Right now I've got 2 that are jeep/Nigerino

    and one Eli (Maverick)/Six Bits

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    look up Gordon's Grave Digger on Pedigree online

    look up Gordon's Grave Digger on Pedigree online.........

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    ya that's my little man pedigree bro well that's what i'm working got to start some were i got a lot to learn that's what it's all about.......

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