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    scab on inside of ear

    jake has a small scab on the inside of one of his ears like on the floppy part where if his ears were cropped it wouldnt be there it doesnt look infected or anything what can i treat it with untill he goes to the vet thursday?

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    My dogs get that if they are outside for longer than an hour playing, its once they lay down to relax, I think its some sort of gnats or flies, could this be the case with your dog?

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    Jaci gets little sores in her ears once in awhile and the vet thinks it is her scratching her ears.

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    My dad's dog just had a nasty one from a possum. It swelled up, and then went away before she went to the vet, so we nixed that plan. It could be self inflicted or he may have found a "toy" to play with.

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