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    Wink PowerPoint presentation

    I am doing a powerpoint presentation about pitbulls. I don't have a pit myself because my daughter is allergic to cats and dogs, but I would have a pit if she wasn't. I have done quite a bit of research about them, but nothing compares to getting information from people who actually own these type of dog. I am hoping that maybe I could get some information from some of you about your dogs. Nothing specific, just anything you think might help for a presentation, and make it more "fun."
    Any information will help. =)

    Thank you, TD

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    Feel free to send me a PM and ask some question's, whatever you want.

    I'll reply back to you as soon as i get a chance.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinS View Post
    Feel free to send me a PM and ask some question's, whatever you want.

    I'll reply back to you as soon as i get a chance.

    Same goes for me.

  4. Ditto! While I don't have a purebred APBT, I do work at a doggy daycare(with multiple "pit bulls") and have an APBT mix;)

    Also, if you have more specific questions, I'm sure we can help!
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    I just did a big report on Pit bulls and a power point presentation, so feel free to ask :D

    Add some myths to get some information out, especially that they dont have locking jaws, and that they CAN feel pain.

    Show some pictures of puppies, and tell about how they are great therapy dogs, and how many of the Michael Vick dogs(one being Leo) have started a new life and have become therapy dogs.

    You can talk about how in WWI stubby was the most decorated war dog of the time(he was an APBT) and how America used Pit bull's to show their bravery, but their neutrality in the war on posters.

    Talk about Petey from the little rascals! He was so cute and loved kids, and everyone loved him!

    Hellen keller had a pitty! So did Theodore Roosevelt, and mark twain!
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