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    What is the life span of a pitbull

    I am just curious to know on average how long do they live till. I had a lady tell me she had to pitbull mixes one made to 19 years and the other 21. I find that unbelievable, as I think most dogs make it to 12 to maybe 15 years old. Let me know if you ever had a dog live longer than 15.

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    Diesel is 1 and still alive. :) lol There's someone on here, and forgive me but I forgot who, they had a dobe growing up who lived to be 20 some odd years old (and I'd like to think it's because they were fed a raw diet) :)

    It all depends on the dog, the will to live, the genetics, the food, the vet care, etc. My hopes for Diesel is to see 15. At least, because he's fed TOTW and will be fed raw. :)

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    My girl Venus made it to fifteen. Nyx just a month shy of 14. Marz just to twelve. They were all pretty big girls though. 65, 65 and 75 pounds so not bad for larger dogs.

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    Depends on the individual dog...

    Genetics.... Diet........ Exercise........

    Let me explain more

    Genetics. Does your dog have $#@!ty genetics? Does the dogs parents and family have heditary medical common diseases? Did every dog in that bloodline die by age 10 because of cancer ? Or far apart from hip displia(euthanized due to this and have all sorts of problems.. Did the dog die from mange? ----- euthanized

    Do you feed your dog trash food? With corn and other cheap ingridents that are over processed ? I mean.. If you eat burger king all day. Can you honestly believe that you have a good chance at reaching 90 + years old.


    You think you can have a pit bull type dog that NEEDS and WANTS exercise on the couch all day because its" cute "and so it can get a heart attack?

    These dogs need exercise. "but but, my dog doesnt cause any problems on couch, he just lays their. doesnt bark or nothing.. ....." idc. I can sit on my $#@! all day and play video games, and have fun and not want to stretch. But when im older,higher chance of heart attack and other dysfunctions that are likely to occur.. Its very healthy for them to be having their exercise. "but but jelet, walking is boring " Go search flirt pole or spring pole or weight pulling on google . so many types of exercises....... And some are fun to watch.. I enjoy watching my dog play with the spring pole for example.

    in short: it all depends on the dog........... Some dogs may reach 1 years old... And some dogs may reach 16 years old........

    Some may reach 10 years old.......... some or most will reach 12-15 years old on average from my experience.......

    but it all depends on the dog. Maybe you can call your breeder if you know its parents and see how long that bloodline of dogs lived to and such......
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    we had a chow that lived to be 16 or 17 i think the average life span for an APBT is 12-13 years

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