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    Kennels and Containment

    Hey everyone. I am doing some research on types of kennel setups for dogs as well as for puppies, and I cannot seem to find anything that really fits what I am looking for. So, what I wanted to ask was, does anyone have any kennels setup or home made kennels so I can see what I had in mind. I have seen some that were really nice, but were too small for me, as well as some than would cost me well into the thousands to buy. I am just looking for something I could possibly buy the materials and build it myself, as that would be cheaper as well as give me exactly what I want. The reason I am looking for this is b/c I don't have the space for chain setups anymore, as well as the fact that they have the no tether law now...
    Also, if you have kennels, do you have concrete seperating them, or just space. Please post pictures if ya'll have any.... Thanks

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    Come on, nobody to help me out here?:confused:

  3. there is alot off different types of kennels out there some better than others look hard u will fid one your looking for. how many dogs? Most of mine r one chains but i do have 6 8 by 10 kennels not chain link but welded panels.. i prefer patio blocks to concrete just as effective and cheaper and moveable,and i leave some dirt

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    You can search the web and find many different types of kennels from all different price ranges. I personally like the Magnum Kennels from Tractor Supply Company. They have a heavy gauge wire that i havent seen a dog chew through yet. They are expensive but well worth your money in my opinion if kennels are they way you want to set your yard. You can use all ages of dogs in them as with any kennel. Good luck with your search.

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    Here is one of the setups that we use, it is a 10 x10 magnum kennel, set on a 11x 14 pressure treated deck with a nice little roof on it piggy is a jumper and a climber so he gets the special roof, the rest of my kennels have a flat roof. Im making one where i replace the magnum kennel with hog pannels and 4x4s, (magnum kennels are expensive) but i have not started working on it yet. I have seen them before and they will be plenty strong enough when i get done with it.

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