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    Eating Wood

    Zin has eaten some wood yesturday and she has been hacking like she is trying to cough... she wont drink water and her activities are normal. Vet wants to charge 45 just to see her and 2 to 3 hundred for an xray. will it p$#@!?? I'm very worried about her but i just can't afford a vet bill like that for another 2 weeks. how do i know when to take her to the vet?

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    UPDATE: she is eating and drinking but not as much water as usual.. that is the only thing i have noticed.

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    Did she actually eat the wood? My pup likes to find branches and sticks out in the yard and chew on them. Every time I go to investigate I find a pile of soggy wood on the ground in front of him. I think he just likes chewing it up and spitting it out.

    I'm in no way qualified to say if the pup should go to the vet or not, but would add concern if the wood she ate was pressure treated (with chemicals), or finished (like a lacquered chair leg) and would be less concerned if it were something like a live branch fresh out of a tree (wet and pliable under the bark).

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    I would keep a very close watch on not only the eating/drinking, but also on the pee and poop, and if your pup doesn't go poop like he normally does, get him to a vet ASAP, he could have a blockage...

    Make sure you pick up all the wood from his roaming area, to prevent this from happening again. Please keep us updated. :)

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