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  1. jumping over a 6ft wooden fence

    I do not leave my dogs outside constantly but at times it is necessary. My 11 month old male APBT at times does not like to be outside and jumps my 6 ft wooden fence, he does not run off but instead comes to the front door and waits until I let him inside. I was told by a trainer that when I put him in the back yard to tie him up for awhile until he gets used to staying back there. I tried this for a couple days but that seemed to cause more issues than anything. He then proceeds to run full speed and jump at the end of the space he has and gets knocked back and falls on his face. I would think he would learn but it seems all he has learned is to pull the most heavy duty stake I could find out of the ground. Sometimes he is fine and doesnt mind being in the yard but at others he just can't stand it. Other than this issue is is the best dog I have ever owned, very well tempered, doesnt open his mouth in any instance, he doesnt even lick people. I tell him to sit and he does so until I give him the ok to move. It is the same with everything else. He is fairly well trained other than the fence jumping issue and I was wondering if anyone could help me to correct this issue. The last thing I want to do is to tie him up, not only has he caused more damage to himself this way, but I really don't feel ok doing it. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Is there no room to crate him inside? Or are you gone for too long? Are you leaving more than one dog outside together unsupervised? A fence is not going to hold most pit bulls, they will jump or dig their way out. You should create a secure tether spot with a car axle, use a sturdy collar like a Stillwater, there's set up plans for a chain spot on here if you search I'm sure. Exercise the crap out of him before you put him out and leave a stuffed kong or chew toys so he has something to do. You can also hotwire your fence and put in some fence leaners turned in. I have a fence jumper as well and he only goes out to potty and I take him on a leash so he doesn't get loose but in the summer I am adding a chain spot for him.

  3. There is room to crate him inside but there are times when it is not reasonable to do so, whether it is because I am gone for too long or other reasons. I do leave him and one other dog unsupervised outside and feel free to criticize me on that but it will not change the fact that I do so. I do understand the reasons on why it is not recommended but I also have my reasons on why it is ok for me to do so. As for kong toys I have several of them but this dog has absolutely no interest in any toys, like I say he rarely opens his mouth other than to pant or eat, he is not a big chewer and could care less for toys of any kind, believe me I have tried. As for more appealing treats or toys, well like you said, two unsupervised dogs with something of more interest to the 2 of them could cause issues. Unfortunately my hand are currently tied with the only option I have being to leave them both outside for periods of time, neither of them have an issue with digging, just the one has the issue with jumping. As for tying them up in anyway, I don't have anything at the moment I can tie either of them 2 other than putting a stake in the ground but $#@!uming I do get ahold of something more stable and harder to get out of, will he eventually stop causing damage to himself? I mean the first day I left him tied up on a stake it was less than an hour before the stake was out of the ground but he had fairly bad scrapes in several places due to the fighting he did with being tied up. He just didn't seem to care and the pain did not seem to phase him. Maybe doing some work on the fence is my best option then.

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    You could put in a covered kennel as well or a cable runner. If you tether make sure there's nothing he can reach to get caught on and that they can't get to the fence. A stake in the ground won't hold, invest in a proper setup and only put him out there for short periods at first, let him get used to it. I can't think of any reason good enough to risk two dogs unsupervised if you know the possible outcome but it's your choice.

  5. Put up an electric wire, it dose not cost a lot to do so. We have three wires, one at the top, middle and bottom of the fence. My dogs will go no where near the fence.

    As far as leaving the two alone together unsupervised, you have stated nothing we say will change your mind and that is fine, but please do not come her whining when you come home to a dead dog or possible two. I would suggest you put back some savings for vet bills that may incur because of this irresponsible action.

  6. I do leave him and one other dog unsupervised outside and feel free to criticize me on that but it will not change the fact that I do so. I do understand the reasons on why it is not recommended but I also have my reasons on why it is ok for me to do so
    What are your reasons on why it is ok to leave your dogs unsupervised?

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    My dog is a fence jumper, too. We have an invisible fence in addition to our wooden fence. She stays far back from the fence now.

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    You need to get yourself an car axle to put into the ground. Only thing I'd trust to hold an active dog.

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