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    puppy head wrinkles

    I have been wondering do pit pups ever grow out of the wrinkles some get on their foreheads or if they have them will they have them forever? They are cute but I am just curious

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    my pup had the wrinkles when he was little but grew out of them by about 7 or 8 months. He's 10 years old now..and with SOME expressions he still has a few lil cute wrinkles!

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    I would say that to some extent at least; Lugz still has wrinkles on his forehead but not all the time; just when making certain faces. Lugz is 18 months.

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    Depending on my Odies mood he wrinkles his head. He's almost 9 mos. Normally he doesn't have wrinkles anymore except when he gets excitable.

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    It depends on the individual dog :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by littledozer24 View Post
    I would say that to some extent at least; Lugz still has wrinkles on his forehead but not all the time; just when making certain faces. Lugz is 18 months.

    According to the breed standard this is perfectly acceptable when "concentrating."

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    My girl was a wrinkly pup she's grown out of them for the most part. It's in the breed standard for a pit bull to have wrinkles on their forehead to give them a "quizzical look" She's still got the forehead wrinkles which is normal and she has some wrinkles when she pants. And a very wrinkled undermouth. It's gotten less wrinkled as time has gone on and she's growing into her head.

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    Oh, I already dread the day Bella outgrows her wrinkles! :(

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