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    Dog keeps urinating on bed and clothes

    My dog has started a very bad habit of urinating on my bed and clothing. This is about the 5th incident today. The first time it happened my boyf put her upstairs in our room because she kept getting underfoot while he was cooking. We came upstairs and found that she had urinated on his tee shirt and pillow and ONLY his. Another time I was laying in bed and had been very sick with a stomach virus all day. While I was sleeping she urinated all over my blankets. And today I shut her out of my bathroom while I was showering, she likes to stick her head in the shower and try to lick the water. So I kicked her out this time. Well I had laid out some fresh clothes. I came out to put them on and she had urinated all over my underwear and jeans! She was sitting right there on the bed staring at me. I showed her her mistake and put her in her crate because I was quite angry at her. I know thats not the right thing to do but I needed my own cool off period. It was quite obvious that she knew what she had done. Because of the guilty look on her face, you know you can just tell. She still urinates on the floor occasionally as well. Which leads me to believe I had a dominance issue or shes doing it out of spite. I have read that they don't do things out of spite. But I am not persuaded to believe that. I know my dog, and I know how intelligent she is. And I know that she has her own set of emotions. Why the bed and my clothing when she could simply do it on the floor if she couldn't hold it! (I had also taken her out only a half hour before this)

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    she is basically giving you the finger on this one by peeing on your stuff. and yes its a dominance thing. if you didnt catch her in the act peeing on your stuff you cant reprimand her after the fact, you have to catch her in the act..

    what i would do is remove ALL privileges.. every one of them, start NILIF again, and start from basics all over ... if you have to take a shower either crate her or put her in the bathroom with you and shut the door.. no more freedom, no more anything... boot camp should begin now...

    rufus did that once, i yelled at him and he turned, looked at me, then lifted his leg and peed on the comforter. since i was watching him basically give me the finger i reprimanded him on the spot and laced in to him, took away all his privileges and did NILIF and boot camp .. he was 2 at that time and never did it again after learning a very valuable lesson

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    Thanks Maryellen!

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    It sounds like it's a behavioral problem but before $#@!uming that, please have a urine sample tested to rule out infection. ;)

    Like ME said, begin NILIF right away! Also, lots of exercise!! When my Corgi doesn't get enough exercise, she starts peeing in my house! Once the exercise starts up again, no more pee on my floors!

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    One thing with the exercise, remember to make sure she potties again afterward, before you bring her in the house. Or to take her back out again for a potty after she's had time to cool down. With the pups here (almost 6 months old), if I turn them out in the yard, even if they're out there for over an hour with lots of time to pee/poo, if I bring them back inside and crate them, they will have accidents after they wake up unless I take them right back out. It seems like with rapid exercise comes an increased need to pee afterward.

  6. is this a problem? or have you been able to control it? My pitt is urinating on my bed, furniture, rugs, blankets, etc. and I just don't know what to do. got any help/answers?



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    Quote Originally Posted by DivineOblivion19 View Post
    lots of exercise!
    I agree! Its good for the dogs and for their people.

    Quote Originally Posted by bahamutt99 View Post
    It seems like with rapid exercise comes an increased need to pee afterward.
    Yep, and this happens with humans, too. ;)

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    I wouldn't automatically $#@!ume this is a dominance issue. But it could be related to mental and emotional confusion as to where she stands in her world, so yes, structure, boundaries, and consistent rules (NILIF) are very important. Positive training.

    (of course rule out before hand, and medical issues)

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