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  1. canine dwarfism.

    can anybody tell me anything about it.. what are the signs.. about what age do you normally start to see symptoms? i dont need a in depth explanation just general. i took the time to google it and most info was either to lengthy and did not have the basic info i was looking for or it was way to scientific and factual.

    how many saw the spot they did on Prime Time last night on Breeders in the United States and the AKC and people that are into showing dogs. I understand a bit now where some of you are coming from with your concerns with the ambully.. i will continue to mull it over but i guess i kinda still feel it is human nature to $#@! with things and as much as you make laws that say they cant people are still gonna do it.. so in a way you just can not stop it. i dont know though i bet if i saw the movie they mentioned on Prime Time about the genetic defects dogs are being born with as a result of bad breeding. i might feel a bit different. however if its just about dogs with short muzzles having a hard time breathing well thats gonna be hard sell for me!

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    I can posts some links to read on it

    And I like #4

    Dwarfism is an abnormality and is hereditary. A dog with dwarfism is liklier to have a shorter life span, abnormal skeletal structure, etc.
    If you are asking because you are concerned about dwarfism in the American Bully, yes, it exists in the breed, quite a bit I might add. But you never know when it will show up. Of course you can see by these links it can happen in any breed anyways. But many of the Am Bully breeders-not reputable ones would seek this gene to add to the shortness/wideness of the dogs they were looking to produce. Thats where the severe bow legs, short snout, and overdoneness in general comes from.

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    Good post, pitchik.

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