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    Red face Weight pulling contest


    I am a new member and am happy to join. I am so ready to start chatting about these wonderful dogs. This is my first time owning an APBT and it have been wonderful. I have had many kinds of dogs before. However, not one can compare to my cuddly, sweet, loveable canine friend Blake. He is 14 months with a lot of ENERGY! I would like to start him with some weight pulling. I want to start him in some weight pulling competitions. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas where I should go to get him trained or get him started. I want to get him prepared before entering a contest. Please help…..Thank You:o

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    Welcome to the forum! check out the training section for any advise or to place a post looking for weight pull advise

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    Find clubs and weight pullers in your area. That'd be a start. And welcome!

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    welcome to the forum.

    heres a good thread to start with

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    Hello and welcome!

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