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    How to get dog certified as a service dog???

    I am looking into getting my one male pitbull certified as a service dog so that I can fly him on a plane. Only reason I am doing this is that here in St Kitts its not unusual for pitbulls to be stolen from under the plane while boarding. There is no way I am going to let that happen to my boy so I am going to find a way to get him certified so that he can fly with me in cabin. He is the most even tempered calm dog so on the plane it will be no problem and I am a diabetic so I have seen some have service dogs as they can be trained to detect when they become hypoglycemic (which is pretty amazing btw). If anyone has any info or pointers it would be much appreciated. Thanks for the help.

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    You might want to PM Patch O Pits, she has service dogs, and might be able to answer your questions. I'm sure there are others with service dogs, but she's the only one I can think of right now. Good luck with that. :)

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    thanks so much, i will go ahead and do that, i have about a year to get it done before i leave the island

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    this test is sooo hard!
    it takes years to train for it... they make you go to restaurants while your dog is at a down stay for an hour while you eat and they drop food on the floor. You go to malls, people approch you with a strange dog, kids approach, the tester drops his clipboard behind your dog. you have to go in small places, crowded places, people touch your dog and they bring test dogs to walk past you while unloading in the parking lot.
    Your dog can't solicit attention while walking through the crowd, etc.
    The test catagories are listed in the link I posted... tough test!

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