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  1. two sets of k9 teeth is this bad ???

    ash has his new set of k9's r growing in but hes baby k9's r still in . the new ones r growing right behind the old ones . will the babys come out on there own or will i have to bring him to the vet to get them pulled out ? how old do pitbulls lose there k9's ? the vet told me he's about 4 and a half months old ..... thanks

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    They'll pop out on their own when they're ready. Don't let him chew on anything hard or play tug until they fall don't want to force them.

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    They will usually fall out with no problems. I did have a dog whose baby k9 was still there when the adult k9 was fully grown in and I had to have it pulled at the vet.

  4. teething can go anywhere from 3 months to 7 months, it takes time, don't rush it! enjoy it while he's still a pup and has his baby teeth.

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    my pups teeth did this two but after a few weeks they popped out on there own have fun with the pup kiwi say's he's cute

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    They will come out on their own. If you're lucky, you will find them and get to keep them. :)

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    Enjoy the puppy breath while it lasts!

  8. Sometimes puppy teeth will not come out when they should, and they will cause the adult teeth to move out of position. My dog had to have her puppy canines removed by the vet, they were in there tight and solid.

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