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    This is my favorite fish that I own, Harvey. He is a jack dempsy and is about five inches long. He is actually the only fish I have name.

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    hes very pretty thanks for sharing!

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    wow!! That's the coolest color fish!!

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    Thanks! I will have to get a picture of one of his tank mate. He is a fire mouth chiclid and is very cool also. We are looking for another to put in the tank but we need on that is at least 4 inche or he will get eaten.

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    Here is Harvey's tank mate, a fire mouth cichlid who remain nameless at the moment.

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    I had a jack dempsey that killed everything in sight :(

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    He is a mean one in the tank. I feed them bloodworms and he steals at least half of the cubes from the other fish. (I just put the bloodworms still frozen in the tank.)

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