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  1. mack after getting his ears cropped

    My pup Mack got his ears cropped over the weekend. He was a little groggy that day and the following day but now he's back to his old self again. What do you guys think about the crop, I think I should have gone a little smaller but I was told that once he gets bigger the ears will look smaller in comparison. I had been putting it off for a while because every vet I went to wanted to charge an arm and a leg. Please if your going to bash me for getting his ears done don't post.
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    I love the upside down heart over his left eye... too cute!

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    oh he is a doll. I am not a fan of cropped ears so I am no good but I just wanted to comment on how cute he was. :D

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    What a cutie!

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    I like it, don't know squat about ear cropping but it looks nice. very many days after was this pic taken?

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    I like it...:)

    I am surprised the vet didn't shave the hair around the ears,
    my dog looked like he had pig ears when he got his ears cropped...:D

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    He looks great. I am not a fan myself of cropped ears but I like them on him. His markings are beautiful!

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    Beautiful doggie!!!

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    Mack's ears look really good, I'm surprised he doesn't have to wear one of those cones around his head, my dog had to wear one for like ten days after he got his ears done.

  10. The vet that I went to said that since he was 16 weeks old that his ears would not need any cones but once he takes the stitches out if he sees alittle drooping he said he would apply tape to them. These pics were taken today monday and he got his ears done on saturday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mollie's Nana View Post
    I love the upside down heart over his left eye... too cute!
    Me, too! His name should be Valentine!

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    He looks great. I also love the markings.

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    Gorgeous markings on that pup! His ears look well done, though I'm no expert!

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    That heart is adorable!

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    i think it is best that you went for that size, they will look very good once he is bigger, just make sure he isn't scratching them.

  16. I was told I could not have my girls ears cropped after 12 weeks. She is now 13.5 weeks?

  17. It depends on the vet Jwade some won't do it that late. I never understood why but some vets just won't. Call around to different vets to see up to what age they do crops.

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    The heart is adorible. His ears look great:D

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