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    Filling out ADBA papers

    I have ADBA paper fo rmy new puppy, and I have never filled one out before. I'm jsut doing the transfer of ownership so I can register my pup with ABKC as well.

    On the fron it says registered name....then call name, both blank it also has a chip id number or tattoo that is blank, and on the back where it says first chioce and 2nd. Some of it sounds pretty self explanitory, but I just didn't wanna fill it out wrong.


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    George Guest
    Registered name is what you want the dogs name to be on the paper work. Mine is CSP/Blaizens "Hershey"

    Call name would be if you named the dog (Bliazens "George of the jungle") and called him George.
    Like you said its pretty self explanatory. Every thing you need to know is on the front of the card. Just copy it to the back. You will need the old owners signature as well.

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