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    Cropped ears or not?

    Should I have my pups ears cropped if entering a show? or does it even matter. I personally like my pup without her ears crop but thats just me.

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    There not suppose to look at the ear that hard, I like cropped ears, but i dont like getting them done. I only crop ears when they have big ol floppy hound dog ears, most of the time i leave them to.
    As you can see it all your choice

    ADBA standard
    Ears- no preference should be given to cropped or uncropped ears, except to enhance the overall attractiveness of the

    individual dog.

    UKC Standard
    EARS - Ears are high set and may be natural or cropped without preference. If natural, semi-prick or rose are preferred. Prick or flat, wide ears are not desired.

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    Great source Hero. Thanks

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    thanks for that..i love my pups ears and my breeder is trying to tell me if i show him i'll want to crop them ...nice to hear i dont have too

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    Dont let them talk you into doing anything that you dont want to do. I love cropped ears. I think bulldogs look sharp with cropped ears, but i just think "damn thats gotta hurt" So i dont do it that often. Also they lose there "cuteness", and look more "bad$#@!" with cropped ears.

    Before very cute (did not scare my mother in law)

    after Still a beautifull dog but not as cute (scared my mother in law)

    If i had to do it again i would not have cut her ears.

    Here are two dogs that are show champions with natural ears

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