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    Question Do your pups like watching fish?

    I have a 55 gal tank in my bedroom that has some rather large South American fish in it. It has been there since we moved here 5 years ago. Recently my pitty babies have started sleeping under my Aquariam and i find Angus at night with his nose pressed up against the gl$#@! watching the Oscar, and Visa Versa......he will spend about 30 to 45 minutes just watching them swim through the tank.

    Recently my husband bought a 60 inch TV and I found a CD for the baby to watch while it was naptime. It is an aquariam of salt water fish, yes just a video of aquariam fish, (my husband thinks I'm nuts)....Anuyway i found Angus sitting in front of it just watching the fish....

    Have any of you found your dogs mesmerized by your fish bowls or aquariams?

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    Aroura loves watching fish when i yake her to pet stores and her favorit thing has to be bird. that is untill she trys to eat them

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    No fish, but our dog LOVES watching the TV room's gas stove fireplace. When Palynn hears it click on she'll run over to sit and watch, and to warm up. She sits so close her vibrissae curl up.

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    My dogs and cats love to watch our tanks. It keeps them entertain for hours.

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    Mollie watched my gold fish every now and then.. but they all died within the last 4-6 months :( , But she does love to watch the TV when she hears a dog, or sees a cow or horse on TV, she goes running to the TV barking.

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    Lady, my Shepherd, when she is inside, I can't get her to stay away from the rabbit cage, the hamster when she's out moving, my birds, OR the stupid fish. I think she's part Border Collie, haha. She'll like.. get REALLY still, head down, and just watch them. When they move, she moves a little too. She likes watching the fish. ;)

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    I have a pic somewhere of Divina sitting on my bed staring at the fish tank. She used to sit there and watch them for a long time. It was pretty cute.

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