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    Fur Color Charts For APBTs/AmStaffs

    This should help you more for those confused over colors :)
    Though not every color seems to be pictured this shows many of them to better aid people in knowing what color their dogs are .

    APBT and AmStaff color charts:

    American Dog Breeders $#@!ociation

    scroll down to the bottom of the litter reg and it lists the colors that can be put on the reg form as per ADBA

    American Pit Bull Terrier Network APBT color gallery

    AKC color chart

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    Good post. Thank you!

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    thank you i have looked at the sites but nothing realy close to her i will get better pics the ons i have that r good are when she was a baby and shes diffrent now
    thanks to every one for your help

  4. Is merle a color recognized by the UKC or ADBA? I met a breeder online a few years back he had a yard full of red & blue merle dogs. He was breeding for this rare colored coat. I believe he said they were registered AKC AmStaffs.

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    In the ADBA, merle is a major fault.

    In the UKC, Merle is a disqualification.

    The AKC says this: "Color: Any color, solid, parti, or patched is permissible, but all white, more than 80 per cent white, black and tan, and liver not to be encouraged."

  6. Does the UKC/ADBA frown upon merle dogs because they are not purebred bulldogs? Why is it that almost every merle APBT I have seen has one blue eye? Is merle a birth defect or skin problem? Should merle dogs even be bred? I have heard they have bad eye sight and they dont see very well at night.

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    From what I have heard breeding two merle dogs together, or two dogs that have the merle gene can cause some health problems.

    I don't know much about it though.

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    ADBA & UKC stopped accepting Merle a few years ago. I know personally a few of the Judges that fought to have UKC take the color out as a accepted color in thier standard. The Merle color came in when some Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog's got cross bred with the APBT to make a better catch dog:rolleyes:. The ones that looked more like an APBT some how got registered :confused:
    I personally would NEVER trust someone that told me they had Merle AmStaff's :eek:
    AKC has never accepted Merle as a color for the AmStaff's.......
    I hope this helps.

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    Thank you for posting that! It has helped me a lot!

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    Your welcome. Its been along time since I've been on the message board. If I can help with something, I am very happy to help.

  11. A little different than what I have read elsewhere about merle dogs but very interesting at that. Thanks for the info.

  12. Is there another site for the Amstaff Color Chart?

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    You can go to AKC's web-site & look up the AmStaff's Breed Standered

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    Wow What a interesting post! Thanks for the info. I never tire reading about APBT, such awesome animals. Thanks so much.

  15. Nice post

  16. Helped a lot thanks

  17. good post

  18. I was told Sinatra was a Fawn Bluie but he seems in middle of fawn / chocolate bluie ... Can maybe someone clarify this for me? I would appreciate it.

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    Lexi looks plain old Fawn to me...but Brina...she's blue with very light shades of fawn mixed in--sorta like highlights. So would she be a blue fawn? In the photos it shows blue fawn as a light colored dog.

  20. What about if one of the eyes is blue?

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