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  1. for those that travel through alabama

    Anniston AL Confirmed Pit bulls have been labeled vicious and are restricted
    Fultondale AL Confirmed Ban on Pit Bulls
    Gadsden Confirmed Pitbulls have been labeled
    Vicious and are restricted.
    Geneva AL Being Discussed (03/08)
    Gurley AL Confirmed Ban on Pit Bulls
    Jacksonville AL Being Discussed
    Lanett AL Confirmed it bulls and Presa Canario's banned (News Article)
    MidfieldAL Confirmed Pit Bulls defined as vicious. Must have muzzle and be restrained when off the owners property.
    Montgomery AL Being Discussed
    Marshall county Being Discussed
    Mobile Being Discussed
    Morgan CountyALConfirmedNO BSL!!
    ALConfirmedBanned Pitbull type Dogs
    Orange Beach AL Confirmed Restrictions on dogs bred for fighting
    Selma AL confirmed Pit Bulls must be inside pen and fenced yard
    Tuscaloosa AL Being Discussed pit Bulls
    Warrior AL Confirmed Banned Pit bulls

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    For those that travel through? I live in AL. I have a Birmingham address. Funny, I wasn't even aware of all of this going on until I started reading this board a few months ago. This is hitting too close to home.

  3. To keep up with bsl in Alabama keep an eye on The alabama canine coalition website. They keep up pretty good but alot of it you just have to research through other people and newspapers to get it on time.

  4. I live in Montgomery and have several pits, I dont know what I would do if they started making laws about my dogs. I have very well behaved family pets.

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    any updates on this? I might be moving out to Mobile and I wanna make sure my dog will be safe.

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    City Website View Ordinance Type of Ordinance
    Albertville Section: 4-36 Pit bulls declared "dangerous"
    Anniston Section: 12 Pit bulls declared "vicious"
    Boaz News article Pit bulls declared "vicious"
    Fayette News article Bans: pit bulls
    Fultondale News article Bans: pit bulls
    Gardendale News article Bans: pit bulls
    Gadsden Section: 10-221 Pit bulls declared "dangerous"
    Irondale Section: 3-90 Bans: pit bulls and presa canarios
    Lanett Section: 6-8 Bans: pit bulls and presa canarios
    Mountain Brook News article Bans: pit bulls
    Orange Beach Section: 10-21 Restricts: fighting breeds

    there is an update for you on current BSL in Alabama.

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    thanks :-) looks like I should be safe then

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