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  1. Introducing my Kentucky red nose

    I met a lady yesterday that informed me that my staffy was a Kentucky red noseand not a staffy.

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    LOL! A Kentucky red nose, huh? I would LOVE to know how you responded =)

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    Never heard of that before but I like your dog and we are glad to have you on this forum!

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    LOL. A Kentucky red nose with a black nose. Priceless. lol.

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    She's a cutie.... must be a "rare" breed. ;)

  6. Dont think I have ever heard of that and I am from Kentucky!

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    that lady is an idiot. Cute dog.

  8. Apparantly it is a breed of pit bull.I just laughed and tried to explain she is a staffordshire bull terrier.Her response to that was Oh a English pitbull .Some people just have no clue yet they think they know it all.

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    a what what what?

    There is NO thing as anything she spewed out of her mouth.... LOL There is the American Pit Bull Terrier and no, nose color doesnt matter. Silly lady.

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