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  1. My pit Is acting scared

    I have a one year old female Hemi, who saw a man outside today through the window. For hours now she is acting scared wont go out back unless I go with her and and sitts stares at me and crys. All her hair is up on her back. I tried to calm her down and show her that there is no one out side but she is still scared. She is normally a loving dog but this has soked her bad.Has this happend to any one? Does anyone have any advice.

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    Maybe she sensed something really wrong with that guy?

    I just wouldn't baby her too much, the more you ignore her behavior the sooner she'll get out of that mode. If anything cook up some plain chicken or something for a distraction tactic and get her interested in something else.

    I had a dane like this, he would sometimes get into scared modes and really you just have to side track them until they pretty much forget why they were scared.

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    Coddling her is the thing you dont want to do. Ignore the behavior and go about things being normal. I would however make that area a positive place for her. Treats and toys galore!

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    DO NOT baby her! You'll only encourage her that there IS something to be scared about!

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    Good advice given, and I second what everyone is saying. Is she normally pretty sociable around humans that she doesn't know? How does she typically react? Sometimes they can sense when someone is up to no good, but don't baby her.. like stated above, just distract her. She will forget about it before you will, unless you make a big deal about it. :)

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    This happened to me as well.
    I came home from work and Sophie was laying on the floor shaking and being really weird, all the blinds had been destroyed so I figured that she knew she was introuble but she kept acting really scared all night. When i went outside I saw foot prints in the snow all over our front yard and by the window. Someone must have been at our house. I just ignored Sophie and went about our normal buisness and by the next day she was fine.
    Don't worry she will get over it.

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