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  1. Pitbull peeing on my bed

    My 2 year old Zoey has recently started peeing on my husband and I's bed. I know that this is probably separation anxiety but I'm unsure how to handle it.

    I adopted her at 1 year old from my hospital (in December 2007). She has been wonderful ever since we brought her home, gentle, loving, etc. I tried everything to provoke her before bringing her home (only because I have 2 little girls - ages 4 and 2), I wanted to make sure she would be safe. Unfortunately she was from a very bad part of the city and we didn't know what kind of lifestyle she had before being dumped at the hospital.

    Zoey immediately bonded with me. She follows me EVERYWHERE. I can't even go to the bathroom alone. :) She is close with my girls and my husband but not like she is with me.

    I let her sleep in bed, and she usually sleeps under the covers at the foot of the bed. Over the last 6 months she's had 6 episodes of urinating on our bed. She only did it front of me 1 time, the other times it was "discovered" as we were going to bed. She never defecates, its always urine. I'm worried that she is becoming too protective of me. She now tries to sleep BETWEEN my husband and I - I feel like there is something to that.

    She is still as gentle as can be with my girls, but we have an 8 year old mixed breed as well. And Zoey is always trying to antagonize her! She is never vicious or overly aggressive, but just always messing with her. It starts as soon as we get up, and carries on thru out the day. The mixed breed has NEVER tried to be the alpha and for the most part ignores Zoey, so I can't understand why Zoey would feel threatened.

    Anyway, the urinating on the bed is getting old! Any suggestions?? I know some people are saying kick her out of the bed altogether - I see that only causing resentment. Help!!!!!!

  2. Get her out of the bed and start practicing NILIF. She needs to know her boundaries. :)


  3. I know some people are saying kick her out of the bed altogether - I see that only causing resentment.
    Not true. It is showing the dog who is boss and that peeing in your bed is unacceptable behavior.

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    Resentment is a human thing...dogs don't feel it. If you throw her off the bed, it will help her to know that YOU are the alpha and she needs to respect your boundaries. Since she's showing dominance over your other dog, she may be trying to show it over you, too. The most likely reaction you'll get if you ban her from the bed is "Ooops! I screwed up! I'm sorry!"

  5. Thanks, guys, I hate banishing her from the bed - I like cuddling with her, too! But it seems like its necessary....

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    I can relate to this situation. You love your dog and she is part of your family but it sounds to me like she has to much freedom and now she is trying to see how much farther she can push you. Just like children dogs need rule boundries and limitations. You are not going to hurt her feeling or ruin her temperment by not having her sleep with you but you are encouageing the behavior by letting her sleep with you. For right now she should go back to her crate. This is showing her that you do not approve of her behavior and it will stop.

    If she is antaginizing the other dog this will get old and one day the other dog will snap back just out of frustration. She should be given a stirn NO or relaxe (stern voice) what ever word you want that lets her know is is not good behavior and you will not allow it. If she keeps doing it and not listening to you put her is a no fun zone for time out or put her inher crate for some rest time.
    Remember you are the leader and you set the rules. You give your dogs permission to do things not the other way around. This is were NILIF comes in really handly.
    Good luck stay consistant and don't give in to the pupy dog eyes.
    Good Luck

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