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    Pit bull vs. Bull terrier

    Hey this is a VOTE for who you think will win in this game of tug of war between a bull terrier 7 months old 43 pounds and a pit bull 7 months old 40 pounds. im going to put up the video in a little bit of the game, but lets vote, who will win!!

    pictures of the dogs...



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    Dang, that's a tough one.... they are same age, same weight... but that little bull terrier sure does look determined. I say the Bull Terrier. :)

    But Diablo gets TONS of points because I LOVE his ears, and his color!!!

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    Anymore takers? im going to put up the vid soon!

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    pit bull. The bull terrier looks stronger though. lol.

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    here it is!

    [ame=""]YouTube - BULL TERRIER VS. PIT BULL[/ame]

  7. Bull Terrier FTW!!! haha

    Though, Diablo did "pull" Bowzer back more.

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    YAH!!! I guessed it!! :D

    I figured it was a trick question... and I said that Bull Terrier looked determined!!

    **PS You violated the "no feets" rule #23... you may be banned! :eek:

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    lol i know about the feet me sowwy! lol were going to have a rematch today.

  10. id give the win to the pit! he pulled way more ground on the bull terrier but in the end the bull had a better grip the whole tip couple with that head shake and he manages to get possesion of it. BUT in the game of tug of war its who pulls the other across the line and id say the pit woulda won that

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    yup very true. were going to use a line next time and have them strait and see who will win. The pit pulls back and the bull terrier does a lot of shaking.

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    The bull terrier looks like its srs business. but im going to have to say Daiblo because hes a pit bull.. just my guess

    didnt watch the video yet.

    going to watch now ~

    edit: dam, my pick lost =[

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    I guess it depends on what you consider "winning". Diabolo definitely gained way more ground.. and unlike Bowzer, he seemed to put just the necessary energy into the contest, while Bowzer wasted energy with all the growling and shaking. Also, right before Diabolo lets go for good, he bumps into the person as a distraction.

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    Bully all the way.

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    I'll take Diablo now, thanks :D He's so awesome!

    I think he won, because like someone else said.. He was quiet and strong, while Bowzer was doing a lot of noise and shaking. I think if they hadn't bumped into the guy, Diablo would have held out longer than Bowzer

  16. My vote is for the pit! Would love to see what happens

  17. watching that video makes me want to bring ash to a dog park . he hasnt got a chance to play with other dogs yet .

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    Before I watched the video.. I guessed Bull Terrier.. He just looked like he wasnt going to back down.. and I was right!

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    i had to put them on leashes for a safety reason, i tried to get them to play without leashes and it just turned into a fight. but is was an awesome site to watch the determination of the both of them. we were going to give it another try, with a line and who ever pulled back the best would win, but i adopted him out, the two dogs never got along. but yea, the bull terrier was just all noise and shaking and the pit was actually pulling back and bowzer would just follow him.

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    nice looking dogs,I didnt realize bull terriers could have colors and markings like that,ive only ever seen black or white or black and white. I cant watch the video with this crappy internet.

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