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  1. Pimple like bumps

    Lately I've noticed pimple like bumps under Pistol's chin. They are under her chin and even like on the sides of her mouth around her lips. If I pull her skin tight it looks like there is a bump under each of the hairs around her mouth. I am wondering what this could be and if its normal.

    I remember Raven's chin bleeding and a few bumps from her playing and stuff. Now she just has scarring under her chin. Pistols marks kinda look like Ravens did when she was younger. I dont know if its hormonal, natural, or something is wrong.

  2. Have you taken her to the vet?

  3. Not lately she is UTD on all her shots and not having any other problems. I believe my other dog had the same issue. Just trying to make sure it could not be something more serious. She will be going to the vet before long and if it gets worse we will go sooner than that.

    Any one else have this issue before?

  4. what kind of bowls do you use to feed? Plastic will retain bacteria.

  5. I feed in metal bowls that I wash in the dishwasher regularly.

  6. I was reading that dogs get acne. I believe its papules.

    Anyone else dogs have this problem?

  7. bump

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    There was another post about it a couple months back. I'll see if I can find it.

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