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    Exclamation English Pitbull Breeders...

    Hi. I'm new to the site and I was wandering if anyone knows of any breeders in PA (Western PA preferably.. lol)? My boyfriend is looking for a pup.. The pup will be going to a good home gauranteed...


  2. What is an English Pit Bull?

    Would my dogs be considered Mexican Pit Bulls? Do they sell elotes? YUM!

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    The ones w a short, stocky build... :confused: We might just have a diff name for them... lol


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    do u mean Staffordshire bull terriers?

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    I think that might be the right term... Sorry.. We call em English pitbulls... I dunno why... lol

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    American Staffordshire Terrier Did You Know?

    <LI class=bottom_space>As the breed moved to America the names Pitdog and Pitbull Terrier stuck. However, American breeders wanted an animal heavier than the British breed, hence the name American Staffordshire Terrier. <LI class=bottom_space>The roots of the American Staffordshire Terrier can be traced through early Mastiff warriors, to the original Bulldogs in England, which were used in the bloody sport of bull baiting. <LI class=bottom_space>It is widely accepted that this breed evolved in part from the old "Bulldogue" brought over from the Staffordshire region of England.

    Soo just thought I'd research a lil and add this... So I don't feel completely $#@!ed..... :( Part of that's prolly why we call them "english pits" around here. . . . That's just what we've always called em... But the AKC and correct breed name would of course be the American Staffordshire Terrier. . . . . Learn something new everyday, right?

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    Not really, the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier are different breeds.

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    I asked about breeders in Pa once before and if I remember correctly I don't think there are any relatively close to the Pitts area

    CHJ is right they are completely different :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiaransimba View Post
    I asked about breeders in Pa once before and if I remember correctly I don't think there are any relatively close to the Pitts area

    CHJ is right they are completely different :)

    K.. Thanks... :)

    And sorry, I wasn't trying to compare the two staffs.. was trying to figure out why we call em english pits.. lol ;) And that would be the amstaff...

    I know I have everyone confused now.... :o

  10. If you're looking for AST (AmStaff) breeders, I would suggest going to a few AKC shows and talking to breeders and being patient when looking for a puppy. Most good breeders don't have litters often - and I would suggest not limiting yourself to just PA. Puppies can be shipped in as well from excellent AmStaff breeders.

    The only good (in my opinion) AST breeder that was in PA was Hartagold Kennel and its owner, Lora, left us the world entirely too soon. :(
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    Never thought of that... Thanks.. ;)

    My bf has to be the patient one.. lol. I have my baby already.. :D

  12. I promise, not as bad as it seems. But to get a dog who's got health tested and titled parents from a responsible breeder who guarantees the dog and has well-tempermented/to standard dogs is worth the wait. :)

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