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    "I Can't Keep My Pit Bull"

    I saw a post on Craigslist today in the Pets section that I almost responded to (I try to stay away from the Craigslist Pets sections, because I get too riled up when I read all the idiotic comments about, um, everything). It was from a guy who had a pretty female pit bull that he had since she was 8 weeks old. He said she'd been with him through thick and thin, good times and bad, with unwavering conviction and love. But the poster had decided to move in with his girlfriend, and she already had a dog of her own, and the two dogs aren't pals, so you know, the dog has got to go. But the poster $#@!ures that she is an AMAZING dog and he will let only the best home have her. They can have her for free, but they have to be really great owners. Oh, and she has to be an only pet because she doesn't do great with other animals.

    Where has common sense gone? Your dog is a pit bull. Your dog is 6 years old. Your dog does not get on all that well with other dogs. You don't want your dog anymore because you're ready to embark on a new part of your life. But somehow you think somebody else is out there just dying for a dog like yours--the kind of dog that's in every shelter in America right now, generally being euthanized, because they are a dime a dozen. "Generic" pit bulls is a term I've heard used for them. "Kennel trash" is another, because they're not good for much in most people's eyes, and nobody wants them.

    Maybe this guy will find a home for his dog, but I hope to god it's not with some crazy animal hoarder who collects dogs off Craigslist because they feel bad for them and can't resist the compulsion to help yet another animal (yes, they exist and some of them call themselves rescues). Or with some "family" that thinks it's ready for a dog, decides that a "free" AMAZING dog from Craigslist is too good to p$#@! up, but after a few months realizes that it's too much work to manage dogs and kids and either neglects the dog to the point that it's just not fair, or pawns the dog off to someone else and whatever fate.

    It happens all the time. Believe me.

    So what can a guy like this do in his particular situation? Well, he could keep the dog for starters. Doesn't get along with other dogs shouldn't have to mean that you just ditch your pal. You can try to use behavior-modification techniques to get the dogs accustomed to being in one another's presence, which often helps reduce a dog's stress level just enough that you can at least have the dogs in the same room on leash--sometimes you can even get dogs to peacefully coexist. If that fails, you can resort to the old "rotation" technique, in which you literally rotate which dogs get free run of the house and which have to be put up. With proper exercise, attention, and stimulation, a lot of people do make this work. I've had to do it at my house in the past, though we've slowly managed to integrate the dogs so they can relax in the room together without any problems (this was a very gradual process, we're talking over 2 and a half years here and the boys are *never* allowed to romp together--that could be trouble).

    Anyway, I won't go on and on forever. But if you ever do decide to get rid of your pit bull for some reason, first think about the fact that there are, like, a million other dogs just like yours waiting for homes, so it's not going to be easy. Or fast. Here's a pretty straightforward writeup from Midwest Rescue of Illinois, offering some food for thought for those who are thinking about giving up the AMAZING pit bull they have had since it was a puppy.

    More from B-More Bulldogs...

  2. people suck :(

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    People also need to be told that they need to personally know the person getting their dog and that those people are aware of every single issue that comes up regarding owning a Pit Bull -- theft problems, security, neighbors, neighbors' fences, local laws, other animals, insurance...there are very few people that can put it all together when owning this breed....

    There is a high probability that any Pit Bull you place with someone is going to get passed on and that is never good.. People really need to think about the option of putting a dog down before they just ship it off to someone they don't personally know. You also need to check out where the potential adoptors live. People KNOW what to say to get your dog.

    Does this guy know how insecure moving in with a girlfriend can BE?
    They often are not stable situations. He may regret giving up the dog. Has he contacted the person he got the dog from in the first place?

    This guy has no idea what danger he is putting this dog into.


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    Quote Originally Posted by cher_bear View Post
    people suck :(
    YES... yes they do. Gaud... even in rescue, with homechecks, reference checks, vet checks, etc.. you can STILL get a dud adopter. Look at Deeohgees supposed ''forever home'' and how messed up she came back to me. This is a guy who got rave reviews from his vet, trainer, etc.. and he was a useless dolt in the end. Too bad humans weren't a half as loyal as dogs are.

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