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    On the first note ed winegarner owns bootleg kennels yet he no longer breeds been out of it for about 3 years now i believe is what he said and thats how my blue dogs look. lol. ears and all on that one lol. so if theres winegarner most of the time ppl realize its from bootleg kennels.

  2. You have a good dog. Winegarner was or still may be a judge for ADBA confirmation. His dogs stem from Garner's stuff if I am not mistaken. This is good blood if you ask me. I have actually seen the man judge a "fun show" at the iron dog weight pull in Illinois last year. Anything with watchdog coming through this mans kennel would be the real deal if you ask me. He is a well connected man in the dog world.

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    there is nothing bully about your dog and it is beautiful.winegarner is good blood and alot of bully breeders use watchdog blood for its thickness but they are not bully.people seem to get that backwards.i have some tnt stuff on my yard and it has watchdog blood in it and that is strictly apbt but are bred heavier than old game line dogs but dosent seem to effect their athleticism at all.imo that thickness makes for a very pretty should be very proud.i would love to have her

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    Not all watchdog/winegarner is bad. Watch out for the stuff coming out of Chaos kennels though. They are what gave this line a bad name.

    I have a couple that are mostly watchdog and they place regularly in ADBA and AADR.

  5. Here is my bitch REDBOY on the top, bottom watchdog got her from jimmy webb himself (yall wouldnt kno him) great dog man i think. I drove 2 1/2 hours to get this girl. REDBOY/WATCHDOG

  6. my 75 lb watchdog get it in. all out sprints with laser at night. 15 sticks or 100 throws when I take him swimming (everyday if its 65 degrees). 5 - 12 miles in front pulling the bike at least 3 days a week. 15 minutes of bitesleeve or springpole daily. hog hunting 2 times a year. 3 raccoons, 1 coyote, 1 possum, 3 rabbits. Watchdog is a legit apbt, just got to be the right watchdog. An the watchdog must adhere to pitbull conformation.

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    That redboy/watchdog looks just like my redboy/watchdog Carlito.

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    i just dislocated my shoulder when someones rotti ran out on us on the way home from the bike ride. One of my males ran across the path of the bike and got ran over. He's a good 70 lbs so he shook it off. I checked to see if he was ok and i put my shoulder back in. Thank goodness that lady dove on her dog. My male would have owned him and I couldn't have stopped my red dog if she wasn't there. sometimes i like when stray up on us, if no ones around. hahahahahaha

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    Wow, oldschoolwatchdog..

  8. Pink princess. I looked in your gallery. U have a nice dog.
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