David Marino reports
New dog protection law stirs controversy

Posted: Dec 31, 2008 12:11 AM CST
In November South Tucson voters approved the Tucson Dog Protection Initiative. The new law prohibits anyone from giving anabolic steroids to any dog in South Tucson.

Susan Via Is making sure the law is obeyed. She's chairwoman of the Tucson Dog Protection Initiative.

"In the city limits of South Tucson Anabolic Steroids as federal law defines are illegal in any form for dogs," says Via.

Female greyhounds are given anabolic steroids to prevent them from going into heat. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to race.

"It's a bad veterinary practice to give dogs who may eventually breed, these steroids," adds Via.

Tucson Greyhound Park CEO Tom Taylor disagrees.

Taylor says, "With the small dosage that we give them...it has no affect on them whatsoever, that when they get off of it, they can go right back and start breeding again."

Taylor says they will continue to inject the female greyhounds with anabolic steroids.
They just can't do it in South Tucson.

Taylor adds that they plan, "to take the dogs across the railroad tracks and have them shot by a vet on the other side of the tracks which is Tucson.

It's an idea that isn't sitting well with those who helped p$#@! the Tucson Dog Protection Initiative.

"To do this to these dogs is totally unnecessary and dangerous, and they didn't use to do it. They've raced greyhounds for hundreds of years," says Via.

Taylor says there is no abuse going on.

"We are not abusing the steroids. These animals are treated with top notch care," he says.

Under the law, steroids used to treat animal illnesses are legal, as long as they're not classified as anabolic steroids.

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