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    That is so awesome....Thanks!

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    That is very neat !!! Thank you, my hubby will love it.


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    Now that is neato......!!

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    website was sold, no longer valid

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    lol didnt even look at the date. The picture on the website looks like Chiapit

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    Here's one I found with google. Not any "pit bulls" though. I may actually try some of these even though I suck at carving. You just have to download the stencils you want and print them. ;)

    Free Pumpkin-Carvings Stencils of Favorite Dog Breeds
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    here is a pit bull one

    [ame=""]Pitbull pumpkin carving stencil | Flickr - Photo Sharing![/ame]

    my link is not working

    let me try again
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  10. I love it! Idk I might have to try to make one for moose now

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    They have cat ones as well. I love my cats but the cat ones are too detailed for me.

    Free Pumpkin Carving of Favorite Cat Breeds

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    Man, they only have one of my 3 breeds... and I really don't like the Rottweiler one.

    I think Patch O' Pits put up a pit bull stencil on Facebook though.

    Is it bad that I want vicious death dog stencils? I mean, it is Halloween after all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by omgrobyn View Post
    I really don't like the Rottweiler one.


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    nice! i tried so hard to get it to show on my post but no such luck! lol

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