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    Dangers of Wire crates

    So, i let Molly down today, and thought I should post this as a CAUTION to others. Molly has a wire crate in which she sleeps in while were gone. We went X-mas shopping today for about 2 hours, and when we returned i found molly hanging from the top of the crate by her teeth. I remove her collar before placing her in there so she wont get caught up however i never thought about her teeth. IN an attempt to escape, she turned her head side ways and bite at the metal. She wedged her lower jaw into one slot and her upper in the slot next to it. Once in her teeth got caught up so she was unable to get down or close her mouth. I have never been so scared in my life when i saw this. I had to cut her mouth out of the cage,(cut the bars around her mouth) and she ended up braking 2 teeth.LUCKILY the vet gave said shell be fine. Ironiclly, the fact that she is a pit helped her greatly. The vet gave credit to her stong neck and jaw for keeping her from being severly injured. Molly was fine in her crate, and i have never seen her chew at the bars so this was a shock. Please please be carefull with your crate. Thanks guys mike.

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    P.S. Molly is fine now, and immediatly tried to play after we got her out. Shes just laying around being her normal self, and has already eaten and drank. By the way this is a great testiment to the temperment of these dogs. ALthough she was hurt, trapped, and scarred, she did not growl, snap, or bite while i was trying to get her out. She even did fine when the vet was examing her mouth, she just sat there and let him check out her mouth.

  3. WOW. I'm glad the dog is ok and thank you for the warning about wire crates. :)

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    Yeah that IS scary stuff. I am glad she's fine. Does she always try to escape her crate? I can't have Daisy in a crate because she has extreme crate anxiety and always hurts herself trying to get out, although nothing like what your dog experienced.

  5. oh wow,that must have been scarey,im glad you dog is okay.

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    I am glad you posted that! I was thinking of getting a wire crate for Peanut since he tore his way out of his soft collapseable crate then spashed the sides in like a soda can. I have a metal baby gate in my bedroom to keep him in here when no one else wants to deal with him. The other day he wanted in the room when he was locked out and we seen him bite on the rails of the gate and get his mouth trapped. He was also fine but he got a bruise on his gums which is now gone. I think he would be one that would also get stuck to the wore crate. What kind of crate are you thinking of using next?

  7. How scary. I'm happy to hear that your pup will be okay. Thanks for the warning.

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    lol one time when bowzer was a puppy i had him in his crate. he was young and i went to get something to drink. i heard a blood curling scream and ran to his aid and hes jaw was stuck in the cage. i barely had to touch him and he was released and hes never done it since!!! LOL.

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    I am not sure what type of crate i will get next , IF i get her one. Right now the house is hers. She was not a dog that tried to get out when i was home, and she would often go in their by herself. However when i would leave her in the house while i was gone she would get into the trash and chew on the remotes. So her behavior is different when im not around. Her crate wires were only about 2 fingers wide, however since she turned her head completely sideways she was able to get her bottom jaw and teeth in a slot, her tongue in the middle slot, and her upper jaw and teeth in the 3rd slot. This kept her mouth open, and her canines were caught. I have no clue how she managed this because i was unable to work them out. I quickly decided the safest way to prevent injury was to simply cut the cage.(easier said then done) In her panick though she broke off those teeth. She began to panick when we came in and my finacee got her to calm down, but then she went limp. THis was when i became scared. For about 15 seconds she didnt move, her eyes didnt move, and she didnt blink. Finally she blinked and looked at me. To see her front legs off the ground hanging by her mouth, with her entire left side matted down with siliva and her bloody mouth was the most horriable thing i have seen. I will have a photo up in a minute of the crate itself. TO CRATE OWNERS, CHECK TO ENSURE the space between the bars are not tall enough for your dog to get their mouth in SIDEWAYS. This was the back of the cage, towards the very top. So she was sideways to get in. In her panick to right her head, she just got caught up more.

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    I'm glad she is Ok

  11. Glad to hear you dog is ok...I hate those crates also, I found this site with rediculously priced INDESTRUCTABLE crates(which I cant afford but maybe you would be interested) check em out

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    Better off going with this over those last ones if you need an indestructible crate. Or getting a local welder to just make you one.

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